Dancing: Blues

Level: Beginner


14 & 43 sec.

Personal Project: Vlogery

Tittle: Soberacting Unchained

- Film poster soon to come -

Commercial: Rutter Mills / No exclusivities

Company: Ironclad Media Alliance

​​Anti-hero, quick-witted rogue, prince valiant/dark prince, loose cannon. ​

Role: Father teaching his daughter how to ride a bike

email - Sean@SeanLeeRoy.com

[Awaiting release of individual segment]

'Soberacting Unchained' is a "Tell-all", type series. Where I recount my journey in NYC from alcohol and drug addiction recovery, attending acting school nearly 50hrs a week, while homeless looking for work, to today.
It covers relatable situations, mistakes, and the lessons learned. Craft work, I feel lead to worth while opportunities. I also sneak in little silly resourceful DIY projects, for the poor actor.

Short Film: The Pulse 

Company: Rollin Films

Role: Day Player

Sean LeeRoy


       Sport: Darts

Level: Intermediate