Sean LeeRoy

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[Character & Technique Actor]

​​​​​​​​​​​​ACTING BIO

​A brief school drop-out by age 10, then by 26 a full blown alcoholic and addict, skimming past 3 felony charges and on the run for other things. Sean hit rock bottom hard, and he was seemingly a lost cause. It was only through full surrender that he had the strength to turn his life around two years later. Becoming a classically trained actor and a voice for specific causes. Sean has acted in both international and domestic theatrically released films. To sharing the stage with Placido Domingo at the Metropolitan Opera House, on a rotating set 30 feet above live flames. 

With little money but a lot of drive, Sean completed 3 years of Meisner Technique, guided by mentor and protégé of Sandy Meisner, The Acting Studio NY Founder, James Price. An additional year was spent on character development at The Players Club with John Pallotta in conjunction with The Actors Studio. There, Sean worked as full studio assistant in exchange for said training, learning more than just what it takes to build a character. Sean spent 4 months interning with Liz Lewis Casting Partners, to get a better understanding from the other side of the table. As well as over 2 years of combat training, in Zuo Zhao Tao Kenpo and various other like styles. 

Sean can be seen in a number of indie films, which center largely around action and drama. His most recent lead was in the short film 'Last Breath', portraying a Jason Bourne character type. Among it's 8 festival run, one of its nominations came from HBO's Urban Action FF, for Best Action Film. In the action thriller 'Marked Man', which was chosen by the SAG Showcase, Sean portrays a rookie Black Ops. eager to catch his prey.In television, Sean's paid his dues in the Docu-series circuit, while feeling out his craft, choosing carefully those which offered dialogue. After having made his rounds, Sean is now seeking work in primetime television.

As a way of being a beacon of light for those who are as he once was, he has created a Vlogery series titled 'Soberacting Unchained', with hopes that those who need to see it see it, whether that be 2 or 200, life it what matters. It's primarily geared towards addicts of any self destructive sort, working towards recovery and a positive change in their lives.  Offering some of the lessons he's learned through his own personal journey from his 1st day of sobriety to current.
LeeRoy's greatest dream is that the arts will one day earn him a platform to be heard, and ignite a change from the bottom up.