Sean LeeRoy

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​​Anti-hero, quick-witted rogue, prince valiant/dark prince, loose cannon. ​

​​​​​​​​ACTING BIO

Classically trained, Sean has acted in both international and domestic theatrically released films. Working with actors such as Sarah Burns in ‘Slow Learners’, Alyy Khan in ‘Unfreedom’. To sharing the stage with Placido Domingo in ‘Nabucco’ at the Metropolitan Opera House, on a rotating set 30 feet above live flames. You will also see LeeRoy in the Virginia ‘Rutter Mills Law Firm’ commercial, Spring of 2018; as a loving father teaching his daughter how to ride a bike. Sean also has a Vlogery series titled ‘Soberacting Unchained’, which he hopes will resonate with those working towards a positive change, offering up some of the things he had learned through his own journey, that too many others unfortunately also have to share. 

With not much money but a lot of drive, Sean completed 3 years of Meisner Technique, guided by his mentor and protégé of Sandy Meisner, The Acting Studio NY Founder, James Price. An additional year was spent on character development at The Players Club with John Pallotta in conjunction with The Actors Studio, where Sean worked as full studio assistant in exchange for said training. Sean also took 4 months to intern with Liz Lewis Casting Partners, to get a better understanding of the other side of the table. He also has over 2 years of combat training, in Zuo Zhao Tao Kenpo and other styles. 

Sean can be seen in a number of indie films, which center largely around action and drama. His most recent lead was in the short film ‘Last Breath’, portraying a Jason Bourne character type. HBO’s Urban Action FF nominated the film for Best Action Film. In the action thriller 'Marked Man', which won the SAG Showcase, Sean portrays a rookie black ops. eager to catch his prey.
In television, Sean has made his rounds in the Docu-series while feeling out his craft, choosing carefully those that offered dialogue.

After having just learned that the last role he auditioned for, went to Flea, from The Red Hot Chili Peppers. A sparked ignited within him, that he must be on the right path. The reality of competing with those he grew up admiring put things in a new perspective. Amped up and ready to break through, LeeRoy is excited to make his mark, by using what future success he may be blessed with, to help the underprivileged and addiction bound.